How To Utilize Slack Successfully: 10 Tips To Increase Performance

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Few brand names, like Google, have actually ended up being prevalent words in our daily language. Slack is one of the other couple of that has actually been granted this honor. While one colleague googles pointers to find out a snag, another slacks with a direct that the solution remains in pursuit.

For many, Slack has actually surpassed email as the dominant ways of interaction. And much like some battle with uncontrollable email inboxes, lots of others are attempting to tame their Slack.

So here are 12 helpful ideas for reconciling Slack and leveraging it to enhance what you do throughout the rest of your suite of programs.

1. Set Suggestions For Essential Jobs In Channels Or Direct Messages

You have probably utilized or heard of Slack reminders. Either to remind someone while you are always on trip or just so you don’t forget to do that optimization, schedule a tip to stay on top of important jobs.

Use the slash command to establish suggestions in channels or direct messages.

Screenshot from Slack app, January 2023 Editor’s note: There are three kinds of slash commands: the ones developed by Slack, the ones constructed by third-party apps, and the custom-made ones by your organization. You can find out more about how to utilize slash commands for Slack in this post.

2. Produce Keyword Notifications To Particular Updates

Feeling overwhelmed by all the alerts from the myriad of channels that are important but are too lengthy to follow? You can silence the channels while setting up keyword notifications, so you look out just when particular terms show up.

Open the Notifications area under your Slack preferences and select the “My Keywords” area to set up your list. As brand-new jobs come up and others are finished, fine-tune your keyword list to remain tuned just to the most pertinent updates.

Screenshot from Slack app, January 2023 3. Schedule A Fulfilling Without Leaving Slack

Having to leap in between programs or apps is maybe the most significant source of wasted time. Scheduling meetings is arguably one of the most common everyday jobs. Great news: you can do that without leaving Slack and begin having less frenetic days.

First, you should download the Google Slack Calendar or the Outlook Slack Calendar app. Then, when chatting with a contact, click on the lightning icon for a menu with the alternative to set up the meeting.

Screenshot from Slack app, January 2023< img src =""alt ="How To Use Slack Effectively: 10 Tips To Increase Performance "/ > 4. Keep Key People And Channels On Top

To avoid scrolling and searching for essential contacts, use the star feature to lock a person or channel so that they always appear at the top. A starred classification will then appear in your left navigation panel, to assist focus on the contacts or channels which you never ever wish to miss out on.

Screenshot from Slack app, January 2023 5. Integrate Your E-mails With Slack

It is often much easier to talk about something as a group via slack than over e-mail, specifically if many recipients are involved. Slack can assist here by leveraging Slack’s capability to receive inbound e-mails.

Establish an e-mail address that Slack can utilize as a recipient. Then, either automatically or manually forward mail to this address. Then, you (or Slack channel recipients if you are using a channel) will get the e-mail within the channel and could all chime in more easily.

6. Sort Slack Channels Into Sections For Quick Surfing

Another organizational hack is to combine channels into groups. Some typical organizing methods are to organize channels by team, task topic, or deliverable timeframe.

As sections are editable, you can shift channels from one grouping to another like you would e-mails from one folder to another.

With channels organized into sections, you can then lessen all but the most crucial section focusing your attention on the discussions that matter a lot of.

7. Send Messages Straight From Any Text Box With/ msg

Wouldn’t it be great not to have to look for a contact to message them? That is actually possible. Send out a message to anyone from any text box with the/ msg command.

Screenshot from Slack app by Editorial, January 2023< img src="" alt="How To Use Slack Successfully: 10 Tips To Increase Performance"/ > 8. Leverage Workflow Home Builder To Streamline Regular Requests

If you discover yourself often getting asked the very same set of concerns, utilize Slack’s workflow home builder to create consumption types.

This will not only save you time by getting all the information you need in one go but likewise assist the inquiring party understand what you require to help them. No more backward and forward to collect disjointed pieces of information. Get it all in one go and repeat that for anybody else who inquires.

9. Use Slack With Your Manage Task Management Tools

While all job management tools are well meant, they feature the difficulty of needing to handle them on top of managing the job they are expected to streamline. At times, it can seem that managing the task management tool is as much work as the job itself.

Slack can likewise reduce the need for working on two separate platforms by permitting alerts from job management tools.

The majority of them– like Asana, Trello, or– have combinations with Slack supporting duplicate alerts where notifies go to Slack on top of showing up within the task management company’s own interface.

10. Get Updates Via A RSS Feed Link

On unusual celebrations, you may in fact want more Slack updates. When a supplier releases a brand-new service, a customer makes an essential announcement or around huge events like the Super Bowl or elections. You might find yourself needing all the updates you can perhaps gather.

An RSS feed is a big help in these cases. What’s even much better is an RSS feed that’s connected straight to your Slack, where you can perfectly forward them to coworkers or save them for recommendation. Not all RSS feeds might work with Slack, but they can indicate the ones that do.


Technique 2023 and your next Slack encounter with optimism. Always remember to water your plant, miss your customer’s revenues call, and scale back notices to those that really matter with top-of-mind keywords.

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